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What is fight club about? By Men, For Men, To Reach Men. Fight Club has 4 pillars on which we are all built on, and what is built-into us. These pillers are spiritual, mental, relational and physical 

  1. Spiritual- There is a spiritual part in all of us. A part that is seeking for more than just what our eyes see. A call to something deeper. A deeper meaning we can only find through faith, by getting the Word into our minds. We find it changes our hearts. The faith of a man can be the greatest weapon he brings to the battle.

  2. Mental-  This one is a little more difficult to explain. The mental pillar is more of a preparedness for the battle that lies ahead. It is also a knowing that we are not in this battle alone. God is our main source of encouragement, for He has already won the war. We also have our brothers to lean when we get beat down and to hold us accountable. It is developing a confidence to know that we will get through whatever the battle  before us is. The battle of the mind can be  the hardest battle for many men.

  3. Relational- Themost important relationship we have as men is our relationship with God the father. The second and the one closest to our relationship  with God iswith our wives and our children. We are to love our wives as Christ loved the church, and treat our children with honor and respect. We do this by serving them and guiding them to a greater relationship with God, as well as relationships with others. Fight Club will help us to focus our hearts and minds I these relationships as well as how to be effective in those relationships to glorify Him. The Honor of a man is reflected in the legacy he builds at home.

4. Physical- This is often the most intimidating while being one of the most practical of the pillars.  It is hard and we don't like doing hard things. Going through hard things makes us stronger. The Hard things in life builds confidence, discipline and boldness. Those qualities will change our minds. We walk a little different when we do something hard and conquer it. Those 3 qualities are also how we build our faith. Just like we exercise our bodies, in the same way we need to exercise our faith. The strength of a man is not about muscle but about his discipline.

Fight Club is all of this and so much more. It is a brotherhood across the state. With more then 30 regions and even more throughout the country. Fight Club is even has regions over seas in Europe.

Sign up for fight club for the next round. We have two round a year each 10 weeks long. With a Kickoff, Mid Way and Graduation. There is also weekly meetings.

If you have questions about Fight Club please reach out to Paul Jackson.

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